Thin Film Equipment

For over five decades, HHV has been designing, developing and manufacturing customized thin-film deposition systems to fulfill the needs of the scientific and industrial community. HHV's R&D team has been closely associated with world renowned scientists in thin film technology to develop challenging and advanced thin film deposition system products. These unique thin film deposition equipments have been successfully demonstrated for functional performance, product quality and repeatability.HHV constantly upgrades its manufacturing capabilities to keep in-line with the evolving demands of the thin-film coating and equipment market. HHV manufacturing processes include engineering design, process automation, precision machining and fabrication, electro polishing, TIG welding, vacuum brazing, global supply chain, electro-mechanical assembly and comprehensive product testing.



HHV is ranked among the global leaders in thin film technology has a wide international market presence. HHV is particularly strong and competitive in executing large, highly sophisticated customized thin film deposition equipment for a range of applications.


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Work Holders

HHV manufactures a range of work holders which are designed to suit a variety of PVD and PECVD processes. The work holders have many standard functionalities such as rotation, heating, and electrical biasing(RF/DC) to improve adhesion, uniformity and control film density. HHV also offers custom solution for substrate holders based on the sample size, geometry, throughput requirement and temperature range. 



Options such as rotary, planar planetary, Knudsen planetary, glancing angle deposition (GLAD), and substrate flip mechanism. Substrate rotation can also be supplemented by source masking to ensure uniform depositions.



Substrate holders can be provided with various biasing options such as DC, pulsed DC, and at alternating frequencies such as MF, RF and mixed RF and LF frequencies.



Substrates can be heated up to 800 deg. Celsius using enclosed tubular heaters, IR Lamps, Pyrolytic Graphite, PBN or Nichrome. PID controllers ensure stable temperatures on the substrates throughout deposition.



Provides the option to change source to sample distance up to 150mm. This feature is useful to determine optimum deposition conditions and facilitate substrate transfers between chambers.



Load-locks allow samples to be transferred into the process chamber without it being vented. This enables the user to reduce cycle times and potential contamination of the chamber and source materials.



Linear transfers are available with manual or motorized actuation. These allow for in-situ transfer of samples between different chambers.



Specialized high vacuum compatible multi-axis robot with external teaching facility to map contours and uniformly coat complex components.

Spares and Service

At HHV we offer a full range of services from the installation of your thin-film equipment, to regular and unscheduled maintenance, to upgrades and repairs. All our deposition systems come with an AMC option to ensure that your system is maintained to the highest standards. HHV has a global service network through locally established service teams. At HHV we are happy to provide custom-made service programs based on your requirements.

  • Custom built service programs

  • Manufacture and supply all OEM spares

  • Global service network